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This year we’re taking a break. We will keep you updated about next event.

This one-day conference is especially designed for Business English Teachers.


There are at least 3 reasons you should attend this event:

  • to awaken, enlighten and enrich your work as a business English teacher
  • to learn about new tools and approaches in teaching BE
  • to share experiences and spread the culture of learning among professionals in ELT

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It is our promise that this event will bring together:

  • great speakers and presenters including EVAN FRENDO (see Conference Programme for details)
  •  experienced professionals with relevant experience
  • teachers wanting to learn and develop… like YOU :)


By attending this event you will get the following:

  • new inspiration and energy
  • ingredients desperately needed in a Teacher’s job
  • practical knowledge & tools that can be applied in your classes the very next day
  • a chance to meet & network with other professional teachers



17 April, 2015
9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hotel Radisson Blu
ul. Straszewskiego 17
31-101 Kraków


159,00 zł
includes conference materials, lunch, coffee break
Early Bird – 129,00 zł if you register by March 20
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Registration and muffin breakfast
Opening & Welcome
John Held “Successful Communication”

When you teach your students to write a business email, do you tell them to begin with “Dear John” or “Hello John”? How do you tell your students to being/finish business phone calls?

Many people say there are no rules for emails–and they extend this to include business emails. Though this may or may not be true, it is also true that there are Laws for business communication. If your students violate these laws, they can fail at communicating. If they ignore them, they will fail eventually.

This talk is a presentation of the 3 Laws of Business Communication and how they apply to teaching Business English. We will look at the 3 Laws themselves, and then how they apply to writing emails and to talking on the phone–the goal being to help you make your students more successful at writing emails and talking over the phone in a business context.

“Tailor-Making Materials for Corporate Clients”, Evan Frendo

I spend a lot of my time developing tailor-made materials for corporate clients. These materials are quite different to what we find in course books because they are based on an analysis of the way language is actually used in a company, as well as the specific needs of the client. In other words, they are based on evidence rather than intuition. In this session I would like to share some of the techniques I use to to do this. We will revisit key concepts such as genre and community of practice, look at techniques for gathering evidence, and discuss the practicalities of converting that evidence into teaching materials. This talk will use extracts from a module I recently wrote for ELT Teacher 2 Writer called “How to write corporate training materials”.

“Sharing is Caring”, Robert Adams, Anna Wrona and Lucyna Wiercioch-Samburska

Do you find talking to other teachers inspiring? The teachers do value sharing. In this session, we’ll be looking into classroom management, teaching methodology and motivation.

As part of our practical Sharing is Caring workshop, we are going to discuss real-life case studies connected with motivation in the classroom. With the goal of boosting our students’ motivation, we’ll be brainstorming ideas and analyzing the issues we face in everyday teaching.

We will also be looking at the daily problems we face in our classes. Whether it is lack of commitment to learning, students not fulfilling the teachers expectations or even adults acting like children. How many of these problems do you have in your classes? Let’s discuss our experiences and share our secrets to success.

As English teachers, we’re almost always on the lookout for interesting and effective ideas on how to encourage our students to learn and awaken their curiosity and desire to absorb the new language. Thus, in this section, we’re going to discuss, dissect and challenge most effective – from our perspective – varieties of both traditional and recent approaches in English language methodology, such as Grammar Translation Method, Dogme or Hugh Dellar’s favourite – the Lexical Approach.

Robin Baker, “1-2-1 Classes. Love Them or Hate Them.”

Giving 1-2-1 lessons is a joy to some and torture to others. Does it take a special kind of teacher or skill set? Do they need special materials? How do you keep them interesting? And, how do you avoid falling into the comfort trap?

1-2-1 Students are often demanding and determined to succeed but have to balance that with having very busy schedules and very little time to study or do any homework. How can we as Business English teachers close the gap between students’ expectations or desires and the reality of busy executives?

This talk will try to give some simple ideas about how we can manage both the balance and also the relationship with our students, how we can maximise progress but reduce study time and also, what we should do about the comfort zone.

Closing Session


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John Held

John is driven by a desire to help people develop. He has led communication training courses in more than 15 outsourcing and shared service centers in Europe and established or helped establish 10 organizations in CEE (5 non-profit and 5 for profit). Currently, John is the Training Manager for Accent Business Training.

Robert Adams

Rob is a demanding and fun teacher and trainer with more than 10 years’ experience teaching within corporations in Krakow. As a trainer he has conducted various interesting and thought provoking workshops including the last two years at IATEFL Poland.

Evan Frendo

Evan is a freelance trainer, teacher trainer and author based in Berlin. He has been active in Business English and ESP since 1993, mostly in the corporate sector. A frequent speaker at conferences, he also travels regularly in Europe and Asia to run courses or to work as a consultant. He has written numerous in-house courses for multinationals, and has also published several books, including the well known How to teach Business English (Pearson, 2005). His most recent publications are New Ways in Teaching Business English (TESOL, 2014), which he co-edited with Clarice Chan, and How to Write Corporate Training Materials (ELT Teacher 2 Writer, 2014). This year he is spending most of his non-travelling time developing elearning courses for corporate clients – see

Lucyna Wiercioch-Samburska

Lucy’s objective as a teacher is to help her students constantly develop their business communication and language skills. She’s led courses for several outsourcing and shared sevices centres in Krakow. Currently, she works a Business English Trainer and Team Leader for Accent for Professionals.

Anna Wrona

Ania holds a BA in English Philology and MA in TESOL (University College London). Her main interests are issues concerning multiculturalism, multilingualism, second language acquisition and Thai cuisine. So far, she has taught in Poland, Brazil and the UK. Ania currently works as a Business and General English teacher and teacher trainer for Accent for Professionals.

Robin Baker

Robin came to teaching and training after a long career in the corporate world and works hard to fuse together extensive experience and effective learning. He enjoys working with 1-2-1 clients to help them get the most from the time they have for classes and developing good working relationships that foster good outcomes. He currently works as a Business English teacher in Warsaw and as a Trainer for Accent Business Training.


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The first Business English Conference in Poland organized by Accent for Professionals took place on March 28, 2014.
It was a huge success and it gathered around 100 people from the whole Poland.
It was held in a prestigious location at the heart of Kraków (Radisson Blu Hotel).
Below you can find a gallery with photos from this special event.

Here are a few comments from BE D.R.I.V.E. 2014:

“Well-selected topics that covered both “the teaching” and subject matter issues of teaching business.”
“Very practical and thought-provoking.”
“So may useful tools and ideas.”
“Involving , refreshing my knowledge, interactive.”
“Well-tailored to audience.”
“Big fun! Useful ideas and hints.”
“Hugely informative.”


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About the Conference Organizer:
We are Accent for Professionals – a group of experienced, creative and enthusiastic professionals, in the field of ELT.
We’ve been teaching languages for 16 years.
We’ve been to gazillion conferences and workshops, we spoke at many, and organized internal ones for our team.
We’ve decided it’s now time to share.

ACT Cielarska, Zioło Sp. J.
ul. Lubelska 4/2
30-003 Kraków
NIP 6772373661

For more details, contact us at:
Ewelina +48 781 767 686
Agata +48 602 136 013

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Ewelina at